January Scent Project – Vaporocindro
The notion that art imitates life is as old as Aristotle (the notion of an inherent memetic nature) and yet it has been conversely proffered that life imitates art.  With Vaporocindro, I would argue that that the perfumer, John Biebel (an artist himself) has managed to demonstrate that both art and life are inextricably bound together.
Vaporocindro opens with a gorgeous, airy lilac laid over a fresh green leaf.  I sense much of the same soaring upward green that he gave us in his juice Eiderantler.  There is a crispness to the lilac/green that I can only assume comes from the apple; although the apple is not detectable as an individual note to my nose.  There is a delicately handed hint of turmeric and black pepper spice that serves to warm the juice without becoming overbearing; though you know you smell spices.  With the opening, I get the beginning hints of a warm, rich, old mahogany with teases with a touch of leatherness.  The opening seems to convey a feeling that Biebel is planning on taking the wearer on a journey.
As Vaporocindro continues to develop, jonquil joins the juice and melds seamlessly with the lilac.  The lightness of the florals seem like whispers.  This brilliant handling of the notes is what serves to create the “flower vapor” in the juice.  Biebel has compared this in his art to hypnosis; it feels rather like a dream-state.  Cedar reinforces the mahogany and reminds us that we are in a wakeful dream – perhaps walking through an old home rife with detailed woodwork and precious antique furniture. 
As the fragrance begins its drydown, we are treated with a touch more spice and a creamy richness from notes of cumin, coffee, and sandalwood.  The lilac/floral and mahogany wood remain through the drydown and final note additions serve to close the circle.  With the final moments of wear, Biebel seems to gently tap us on the shoulder to wake us…has this just been a lovely dream?  Or is it rather as Poe said, “All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.”  The circle is closed and life and art remain joined.
Vaporocindro wears on me with moderate projection for roughly 9 – 10 hours.

Notes: lilac, green leaves, apple, turmeric, black pepper, jonquil, mahogany, cedar, agar, davana, black currant, cumin, coffee, sandalwood, ambergris

Perfumer: John Biebel