DedCool – MILK Fragrance Enhancer + Layering Fragrance Oil
New in the DedCool line-up is MILK; a fragrance enhancing layering oil.If you follow me, you know DedCool is one of my favorite fragrance brands so, while I am not really a fragrance laying kind of person, I still wanted to try out this new release.
MILK is a fragrance oil and comes in a roll on.For the purposes of this product, I think a roll on makes sense.I tested MILK on its own but of course you can feel free to use it to enhance any fragrance you like.
MILK is very much a what you smell is what you get scent.It is a lovely, slightly sweet, partly resinous white musk* with a hint of bergamot.The bergamot adds a very light spicy citrusy-floral while the amber adds enough interest without being too resinous.There is a light earthiness to the scent.This is a fragrance oil that can easily be worn on its own merits.
MILK wears on me for roughly 10 hours with light to skin scent projection.
Notes:Bergamot, *White Musk, Amber
Nasomatto: Nudiflorum Extrait de Parfum
Nudiflorum was released in 2018 by Nasamatto.It is a floral woody musk that is said to be, “an interpretation of a feeling of being touched.”
On me, Nudiflorum opens with a very bold, smoky, rubbery leather.It is an opening not for the bashful.It has a raw, hotness to it that in some ways is reminiscent of flesh.Shortly after the initial note, the leather is accompanied by a deep green bitterness atop a pensive iris.In my wear, I could not detect violet.
In the middle of wear, a synthetically sticky jasmine with a bit of sweetness melds into the smoked leather.The scent remains rough and rugged.It feels like an intentionally unfinished symphony.A swirl of musky white florals compliments the drydown.Where you’d expect there to be cacophony, there is sense.There is an overall primal sensation in the wear of Nudiflorum that makes it stand out as something very different.
Nudiflorum wears on me with moderate projection for roughly 12 hours.
Notes: …
Kyse Perfumes: Bonbons À La Vanille

Bonbons À La Vanille (“Bonbons”) is a new release from Kyse Perfumes.On me, it wears as an oriental vanilla (gourmand) fragrance.It is important to stop here to note that this fragrance was created for the perfumer’s friend at his request for a “grown up vanilla candy”.I find this quite lovely.
Bonbons opens as a delectable, sweet, pure vanilla.There is an eloquent finish on the vanilla that prevents it from becoming a mass market teen-type vanilla.In Bonbons, Peru Balsam adds a slightly earthiness to the vanilla as I reach roughly 2 hours into wear.Into the drydown, I get a slight spice – cinnamon possibly but not quite distinct.There is a soft, light, white muskiness in the drydown as well which adds a comforting feel; much like a warm blanket in the Winter.
Bonbons wears on me with soft projection for roughly 7 – 8 hours.
Notes: Tahitian vanilla beans, Peru balsam, “warm skin scent base”
Perfumer: Terri Bozzo
Cruelty Free

Photo Credit: Kyse Perf…
Charlotte Tilbury – Scent of a Dream Perfume
Scent of a Dream (“Dream”) is a chypre floral fragrance released by the iconic Charlotte Tilbury brand in 2016.The fragrance launched with the face of the equally iconic Kate Moss.The scent is comprised of notes of scented oils from the Ibiza markets, where Tilbury hails from.
So, confession - I would not have bought this fragrance.Dream contains the hallmark notes of rose, jasmine, patchouli, and bergamot which are often components of a chypre floral. Chypre Florals are one of my least favorite categories of fragrance, so while I am a fan of the cosmetic line, I most likely would have skipped on the fragrance. Fortunately for me, during the recent Black Friday sales, Charlotte Tilbury included this fragrance as a GWP.I am so pleased she did.
Dream opens as a bright, somewhat spicy, fruity note.The fruit notes are balanced but on me, the peach speaks the loudest.There is a sunny, ripe feel to the accord that is just a touch mysterious with…
Dreaming Tree Soapworks – Wonderland Aromatic Elixer
Wonderland Aromatic Elixer (“Wonderland”) is a perfume oil created by Dreaming Tree Soapworks that will make the wearer feel like they’ve discovered Alice’s Wonderland.A sweet fruity floral, this elixir harkens to the imagination of childhood.
Wonderland opens, and wears, as a playful sweet raspberry violet.It is clean and lighthearted.It very much reminds me of being a young child venturing into a sweet shop with the great big apothecary jars filled with candies.There is a slight tartness to the black raspberry which brings to mind the variety and rainbow of colors in the sweet shop.The violet in Wonderland is reminiscent of candied violets often found on high end baked goods.
Wonderland has a wear time on me of roughly 6 – 7 hours and has a soft to skin scent projection.
Notes: black raspberry, spun sugar, violets
Perfumer: Meghan Young
Vegan, Gluten Free, Dye Free, Phthalate Free, Nut Oil Free, Cruelty Free

Photo Credit: Dreamin…
Perfumology – Clutch Parfum
Clutch is the newest fragrance (2018) from the collaboration of Justin Frederico and Nir Guy, the owner of Perfumology.It is an oriental spicy fragrance said to be inspired by “the gratifying sensation of a perfect drive on a cool day.”
I was initially put off by the name of this fragrance.For me, the name conjures up images of a man, admittedly well-groomed, behind the leather clad wheel of his sports car lapping a track, changing gears, for kicks.I imagined dense smoke wafting into the air from the unmufflered racing car.It was not an image that made me want to try the fragrance.I am very glad my curiosity got the better of me.
Clutch opens with a delightfully peppered ginger embraced with the most delicate of white smoke.It is a rendition of ginger that, while smoky, retains its delicious bite and freshness due to the addition of elemi.I get the bright crispness in the air that the perfumer is trying to convey.
As Clutch wears, I get a warm and woody no…
Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle - Musc Ravageur Parfum Spray
Frederic Malle’s Musc Ravageur (“Musc”) is one of those fragrances I thought I had tried but had not.For the life of me, I can’t explain why I missed this!Released in 2000, it is an oriental (amber oriental) fragrance.
On me, Musc opens with a complex, spicy, slightly sweet, dirty patchouli.It is heady and intoxicating.There are dripping notes of amber; rich and syrupy.A light floral peeks out from the background as a creamy vanilla clove seems to melt effortlessly into the accord.
As Musc wears, its raw sensual aspects continue to delight.The musk in the fragrance joins with the patchouli and creates a carnal sensory explosion.There is an animalic fearlessness to Musc’s wear.The drydown of Musc is warm and comforting.Woody notes slide into Musc with a touch of darkness.To the end, Musc continues to come to life with an irresistible beckon.
Musc Ravageur wears on me for roughly 10 hours with moderate moving to soft proje…
L’Artisan Parfumeur:Natura Fabularis – 18 Glacialis Terra EDP
Released in 2016 as part of the Natura Fabularis Collection, Glacialis Terra (“Glacialis”) is an aromatic green fragrance.I’ve selected this fragrance to share with you today as we are now experiencing the first snow of the season; this just seemed appropriate.
Glacialis opens with a chilled vetiver.It is fresh and green.There is a slight bite to the opening as an absinthe adds an anise-tinge.Somehow, the vetiver remains green without becoming hay or grass-like.There is a subtle hint of frozen white florals that dance through the middle of wear.Through the rest of wear, Glacialis ebbs and flows like a walk through a proverbial Winter Wonderland.It retains its clean freshness and gives us an interesting take on vetiver through the lens of Winter.
Glacialis wears on me with soft projection for roughly 8 – 9 hours.
Notes: vetiver, absinthe, floral notes, green notes (Note – the brand also lists ice cubes which I find amusing…
Mugler Cologne: Come Together EDT
Come Together is an aromatic green and is one of the new releases in the Mugler Collection.It is “The original unifying cult cologne by Mugler boasts the same scandalously addictive sensual trail.” Like the original, it opens with a green petitgrain.The initial opening is distinctly green and fresh.Quickly, the initial strength of the green backs off a bit and is joined by a glorious clean musk.There is a slight sweetness to the fragrance and I detect a leafy white floral accord.
Through the remainder of wear, Come Together retains its olfactory qualities.It is fresh, clean, and enticing with its white musk. It is an approachable fragrance which wears well alone or, for those who like to pair, would go nicely with a variety of other fragrances.
Come Together wears on me for roughly 5 – 6 hours with soft projection.
Photo Credit: Nordstrom
DedCool – Madonna (Lilly)
Madonna (Lilly) (“Madonna”) is one of the new releases in the DedCool Series 2.She wears on me as a woody spicy fragrance.
Madonna opens with a spicy burst of black pepper coupled with hints of citrus.There is an interesting warmth and freshness to the opening.About 15 minutes into wear, the black pepper recedes slightly and the fragrance takes on a creamy quality.
Roughly 2 hours into wear, I begin to get notes of a delicately resinous amber and woody notes.Madonna is distinctly interesting at this point in wear.She is warm without being too spicy, she is comforting while being complex.
Madonna’s drydown brings further complexity.A light white floral perhaps? A new rush of creamy citrus? A delicate spiced wood?Yes on all accounts.Yet even with the development of each note, the fragrance retains on course with an even balance.
Madonna wears on me with moderate projection for roughly 10 hours.
Notes: Top: Sandalwood, Black Pepper Middle: Amber, Exotic Woods B…