Mirus Fine Fragrance - Ceremony Parfum Extrait

If you love oud, or just want to try a good oud-based fragrance, Ceremony is a great place to start.  Nominated for an Art & Olfaction Award in the Artisan category (2017), this woody aromatic hits all the right notes (pun intended).  Oud can be a challenging note for Westerners but I find the blending of notes in this scent to be divine.

When Ceremony opens there is no doubt you are going to be experiencing an oud fragrance.  The oud is deep and rich.  There is almost a plushness to it.  It is soon joined by a refreshing light fruity magnolia.  The magnolia adds a clean, lightness to the otherwise very heavy wood note.  As the fragrance wears, swirls of dripping tobacco add complexity.  The tobacco is much like a dried leaf tobacco and there is an air of sweetness to it.

At roughly four hours of wear, the complexity of Ceremony is advanced with a soft jasmine that gently wafts in.   The jasmine is handled with such a light touch the fragrance doesn’t become floral but instead becomes more multifaceted.  A light musk adds a touch of tenderness.  Ceremony is filled with nuance making it a very modern take on an ancient fragrance note. 

Ceremony wears on me for roughly 7 hours with moderate quickly moving to soft projection.

Notes: Thai oud, fruit, tobacco, magnolia, jasmine, white musk

Perfumer: Neal Peters


*Thank you to Elizabeth Rose of AVÉ PARFUM™ for this sample included with my order.

Picture credit to AVÉ PARFUM